What we do

Blam! Games Studios is a world leading art outsourcing and game development company.

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2d art
We offer quality 2D game art services with a rich experience in creation art assets for leading companies. Our 2D Art Outsourcing team can provide design of art assets for different genres in different styles, both cartoon-like and realistic. Our products are featured in game platforms and top chart games for its outstanding design.
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Concept art
With our unique and creative approach we help to create a product based on your expectations. Our team can help you visualize and conceptualize your ideas and do our best to bring them right to the customers’ hearts.
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Our team is comprised of creative and highly skilled talents that are able to meet your most demanding 3D and 2D animation needs. With up to 20 years of experience in animation, we can make your in-game character move in style and bring your assets to life using different cutting-edge technologies. Our studio offers a wide variety of production services: cut scenes, in-game…
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Hand-crafted and high quality UI/UX is the essential of any product. We strongly believe that user interaction is the core of every project and UI/UX define user experience alongside with any other part of the project. We do our best to create innovative and engaging user interface to any platform and game genre, uniting art and analysis together.
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Game dev
Blam! Games Studios unites best experience in 2d art, animation, UI/UX creation, game design with modern and efficient technologies, like Unity3D and Cocos2dx to create fun and successful projects for our clients.
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Blam! Games Studios consist of experienced artists, modelers and animators, who perfectly know modern video game industry demands and can easily create high-quality assets according to your preferences and orders.


With up to 7 years of experience in creating high quality, spectacular computer games, we can assure you that our team will create the art worth your game world and characters to impress your players.


Our company can provide high resolution artwork for various mobile platforms, like iPhone, iPad or Android devices to get your games featured. Our artwork can be found in top charts globally.


With portfolio including several social projects for popular social networks we can proudly say that these games became hits in their genres. Our team can create social game of any difficulty for you using any popular technology.

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